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Itek Energy

Coming onto the scene in 2011 during the solar boom in Washington state, Itek has emerged as the leading solar panel manufacturer in Washington State. Itek dominates the state’s solar market with its affordable, high-wattage solar panels, and offers a great solution for buying local.

  • Made in Bellingham, WA (this product qualifies for the highest WA production incentive rate!)
  • Monocrystalline Solar Modules available
  • 25-Year Warranty

Download the spec sheet here.


SunPower solar electric systems are as desirable as they are powerful. SunPower has been providing solar solutions since 1985, standing above the rest with a proprietary cell design that offers fewer failures over time. Its patented Maxeon cell produces more electricity per square foot than any panel on the market, and an all-black panel option provides the cleanest look available for solar panels today. For customers concerned about the aesthetics of solar panels on their home, or who have limited roof space and high electric demand, SunPower provides a beautiful and efficient solution to your solar needs.

  • Highest Efficiency Solar Panels on the market. Available as DC and AC solar panels.
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California

As one of the most internationally recognizable and respected solar manufacturers, SolarWorld has been a global leader in solar power since its inception in the 1960s. During the last 50 years, SolarWorld has proven that its products and innovation are able to weather the storm of a sometimes uncertain market, making the company one of the most trusted panel manufacturers in the world. Originally from Germany, SolarWorld’s US headquarters is in Hillsboro, Oregon, which has created thousands of jobs and easy solar installations for countless Oregon and Washington citizens!

  • 100% vertically integrated manufacturing in Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels (available in all black as well as standard)
  • 25 and 30-Year Warranties

Download the spec sheet here.


Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is the world’s leading microinverter systems provider, pursuing unique, high-tech innovations to continually advance the performance and intelligence of residential and commercial solar energy systems. Its products increase energy production, simplify design and installation, improve system uptime and reliability, and reduce fire safety risk. Committed to quality, reliability, and environmental responsibility, Enphase’s products go through a minimum of one million hours of power on testing. With Enphase, each solar panel has its own inverter which minimizes the impact of shading, and maximizes design flexibility. All Enphase customers receive a user-friendly monitoring system.

  • Headquartered in Santa Clara, California
  • Multiple size micro inverters available
  • 25-Year Warranty

Download the spec sheet here.


A spinoff of Solectria Renewables, an electric and hybrid vehicle company founded in 1989, Solectria Renewables, LLC was established in 2005 to focus solely on the development and sales of grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) inverters. Today, Solectria Renewables is the 5th largest grid-tied PV inverter manufacturer in the US, with offices in Massachusetts, California, Colorado, and Florida. In 2014, Solectria joined Itek Energy to manufacture additional components at the Itek Energy facility in Bellingham to provide Washington State solar customers a transformer-less single-phase inverters with highest peak and CEC efficiencies, dual MPPT and some of the best performance specs in the industry!

  • Assembled in Bellingham, Washington (this product qualifies for the highest production incentive rate!)
  • Four Different Wattage Ratings Available
  • Standard 10-Year Warranty, with 15-Year and 20-Year options available

Download the spec sheet here.


As a leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology since 1981, SMA has been setting the world standard for a decentralized and renewable energy supply. More than 5,000 SMA employees in 21 countries have devoted themselves to this task, and their innovative solutions for all photovoltaic applications and unsurpassed service offer their customers worldwide greater independence in meeting energy needs. Though they are based internationally in Germany, SMA hosts production out of Denver, Colorado as well as Ontario, Canada for North American solar installations, and as a global company, it is constantly aligning business practices with nationally and internationally recognized standards.

  • Made in Denver, Colorado
  • Sunny Boy TL Inverters
  • Standard 10-Year Warranty, with 15-Year and 20-Year Options

Download the spec sheet here.



With an emphasis on product performance, OutBack has established itself as the product of choice in harsh environmental conditions and applications where product reliability is paramount. Whether the application is village micro-grids in Africa, rural electrification projects in Latin America, remote off-grid cabins in Alaska, or a suburban home in Washington State, OutBack Power has set the bar for delivering high quality, cutting edge power storage electronics. The new OutBack Integrated Battery Rack System is a standardized solution built from the industry’s most proven technology and materials in the field of renewable energy management and storage. As consumer and commercial interest builds in grid-interactive and stand-alone renewable power systems, OutBack is available as a one-stop resource with a full line of EnergyCell Batteries as well as integrated racking and cabinet options.

  • Made in Arlington, Washington
  • EnergyCell RE, RE 2V, and GH Available
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4-year Warranty (dependent upon product and application)

Download the spec sheet here.


The sonnenBatterie is a smart way to store energy for your home. The USA-made products provide a turnkey solution that work with both new and existing PV systems. The battery system includes the battery modules, an inverter + charge controller, measurement technology and software, all in one simple, streamlined box.

With intelligent energy management, you can get the most out of the solar power your home produces with backup power and time of use arbitrage. The battery unit allows you to use solar power at night, during outages, and when electricity rates are high. By downloading the sonnenApp, you are able to manage and analyze your energy usage and production straight from your smartphone.

Download the spec sheet here.

Tesla powerwall

SolTerra is registered as an authorized installer of the Tesla Powerwall battery. This lithium ion battery will store up to 6.4 kWh and should be sufficient to power most energy needs in the evening. Multiple Tesla Powerwall batteries can be installed together to increase storage capacity.



Tigo Energy specializes in power optimization electronics to boost solar production on otherwise questionable roofs. Tigos work similar to a microinverter, besides the actual conversion of energy. If you have potential shading issues, or an east/west facing roof, adding Tigo Optimizers to your solar system will boost your production by allowing your panels to generate independently of each other (instead of the entire system being dragged down by a low-producing panel), as well as providing the homeowner with web-based and mobile monitoring capabilities!

  • Headquarters in Los Gatos, California
  • 25-Year Warranty

Download the spec sheet here.


Founded in 1959, Generac was the first to engineer affordable home standby generators, along with the first engine developed specifically for the rigors of generator use, and is now the #1 manufacturer of home backup generators. Run by natural gas or liquid propane, Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. It is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of manual and fully automatic transfer switches and accessories for backup power applications. Many customers opt for a Generac backup generator.

  • Guardian Generac Generators from 7KW to 45KW
  • 3-Year Warranty

System Monitoring


eGauge manufactures technologically-advanced, energy monitoring systems at an affordable price! Its breaker clips provide flexible, secure, web-based electric energy and power metering that can measure up to 12 circuits on up to three phases, making energy data easy to understand and access while providing friendly, outstanding customer support. The company’s mission is to enable customers to reduce their energy usage and costs by providing highly accurate data and real-time visualization tools. eGauge is used by thousands of customers to monitor and record total building electrical consumption compared to the consumption of individual circuits, enabling homeowners to optimize their carbon footprint, lower their peak demand, and diagnose inefficient appliances in their home.

Download the spec sheet here.


The SunPower Monitoring System is a web-enabled energy dashboard that offers homeowners easy access to view their home’s energy consumption and solar energy production in real-time. The system comes with web-based monitoring and an iPhone app for on-the-go monitoring! With SunPower’s monitoring system, homeowners can keep track of several different statistics related to the performance of their solar panels, including the current solar panel generating capacity, the lifetime panel production, today’s production, today’s usage, and today’s net difference between production and usage.

Download the spec sheet here.

Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is the world’s leading microinverter systems provider, pursuing unique, high-tech innovations to continually advance the performance and intelligence of residential and commercial solar energy systems. Committed to quality, reliability, and environmental responsibility, Enphase’s popular M250 microinverter comes with easy to use web monitoring, giving customers 24-hour access to solar production measurement tools and years of historical data for their solar electric system! Couple those benefits with outstanding customer service and nearly a decade of unparalleled success, Enphase remains a leader in the North American solar market.

Download the spec sheet here.

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