Living Wall Benefits

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Health and Wellness

Most of us living and working in urban areas are surrounded by concrete, traffic, noise and pollution. Living in this type of environment for extended periods of time have major impacts on our physical and mental wellness. Living walls and plants soften this hardscape acting as a tonic to ease stress and fatigue. Green walls provide a substantial connection to nature, which is often missing in our lives.


Living walls can turn every wall into a living work of art, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.


Integrating green building systems in multi-family residential construction generates rental demand and increases a building’s value. LEED certification is a top feature sought by apartment renters. It is second only to a central downtown location. Click here to download more information about how VeraWall can help you achieve LEED for your building.

Building Protection

Living walls help protect buildings by reducing temperature fluctuations, similar to how green roofs protect roofing membranes. Our patented VeraWall™ system is mounted in a way that allows air flow behind the system allowing the entire system to breathe.

Air Quality Improvement

The vegetation planted in our living walls provide oxygen, absorb air pollutants, and intercept particulate matter. This means you have cleaner air to breathe and less dust.

Noise Reduction

Living walls are a great way to reduce noise pollution. The vegetated system reflects, refracts, and absorbs acoustic energy. Green walls built on the exteriors of buildings do the same. Similarly, vegetated walls reduce echoes and sound pollution in interior spaces as well.


Living walls make a sustainability statement for all businesses. They are a marketable green feature that can increase the value of your home or building. Studies show that growing plants in or around buildings instantly increase value by up to 20%.

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