Living Walls

One with Nature

About Living Walls

If you have a space that seems “empty”, a living wall can be the perfect solution. Living walls have complete design flexibility, are widely appreciated and incorporate elements of the natural world, traits that are difficult to find with traditional artwork. Furthermore, living walls are less expensive per square foot than traditional artwork and provide a number of other benefits for the health and comfort of your building.

Vertical gardens have been around for thousands of years as architectural elements. Recently, they have been growing in popularity for their beauty, ability to provide food in limited space and new technologies that have increased performance.

About VeraWall

If you’re looking for the perfect way to bring nature into an indoor or outdoor living space, SolTerra’s VeraWall™ is the answer.

VeraWall is an innovative patented, modular, lightweight structure that delivers simplicity and versatility in a complete living wall system. VeraWall is composed of non-biodegradable geotextile fabric panels connected to create one complete, lush vertical garden system designed to mimic natural systems.

Why VeraWall

  • Hand-crafted in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Requires less water because it is designed as one natural system instead of hundreds of isolated plantings.
  • Provides exceptional water storage capacity, while maintaining extraordinary mechanical strength and puncture resistance.
  • Moves moisture throughout the entire wall, unlike most living walls which are made of self-contained plastic pots.
  • Allows plants to share nutrients and microbial activity.
  • Incredibly lightweight at a saturated weight of 10 lbs/sq.ft., compared to competitors at 25 lbs/sq.ft.
  • Short installation time provides instant green to any space.
  • Plant selection can respond to the local climate and site conditions.
  • Design flexibility to fit the client’s goals and needs.
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with your siding, signage or other design aesthetics.

Turnkey System

Our patented VeraWall gives you a simple solution to create the indoor or outdoor habitat that you desire. We build modular units offsite, minimizing the time required and impact needed for installation. SolTerra’s VeraWall is an innovative modular, lightweight system that delivers simplicity and versatility in a complete living wall system. Each panel is built in the Pacific Northwest and planted and installed with the highest attention to detail. The system includes framing, irrigation, fertilization and monitoring to ensure your piece of mind. The technology going into our living walls is truly what makes them unique and set-up for long term success. The living wall membrane facilitates root growth to allow the plants in the wall to establish a synergistic root network and the irrigation ahs different watering patterns for multiple zones. SolTerra is able to control the irrigation settings remotely to account for changes in season and different zone needs. The walls are irrigated as often as three times a day in dry seasons. We have a team of in-house landscape architects, horticulturists, and installers whom will work together to customize a design specific to your project.

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