Green Roofs for New Construction

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Green roofs for new construction

Are you building a new home or building? Consider adding a green roof to your design! They create more usable space, add beauty to an ugly roof space, and can even provide a space to grow food.

The earlier you plan for green roofs, the more options you will have. We have been involved in projects where had we had been involved at the initial design phase, we could have saved the customer almost 50%!

There are many benefits to incorporating a green roof professional during the design phase. Even if you plan to add a green roof as a phase 2 of your project, you can make your project structurally ready for the future installation of a green roof.

Green roof process

Structural Requirements

The structural strength you build into your design, the more planting flexibility you will have. Adding additional structural capacity during the design phase is much easier than retrofitting later.

Seamless Design

SolTerra is able to assist with the design, installation and long-term maintenance of your green roof. We are certified green roof professionals and waterproofing experts. The aesthetics and longevity of the project will be dramatically improved with SolTerra because we have a horticultural specialist on staff.

Integrated Systems

SolTerra is not only a green roof professional, but is also certified in flat roof systems. We are able to install both pitched and flat roof systems, which will allow your entire green roof system to be covered under one single source warranty.

Long Term Savings

A green roof will increase the life expectancy of your roof by two to three times. It will act as an additional insulating layer for your roof which will increase your comfort and save on energy. Additionally, SolTerra’s green roof design team will create a roof system created specifically for your roof and will provide a maintenance plan to ensure long-term performance.

Our consultations are free and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss green roof possibilities during the planning stages of your project.

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