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Electrical Automation

As technologies become more advanced and less expensive, the opportunity to automate your home is becoming a more mainstream, practical option. Whether you are looking to improve your home's comfort, increase its energy efficiency, or ensure safety and security, there are a variety of home automation solutions.

SolTerra can help you sort through this ocean of choices and craft a custom solution that suits your family’s needs and desires. Whether you are looking for simple free standing functionalities or complete control, our experience allows us to meet your needs rapidly and cost effectively.

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Our process

SolTerra Systems has created a Total Home Energy Management solution that lets you manage all uses – and sources – of energy in your home. Total Home Energy Management:

  • Starts with real-time monitoring at the right level: every circuit in the home
  • Continues with targeted suggestions for reducing energy use and leveraging renewable energy
  • Enables you to control your thermostat to maximize comfort while reducing costs
  • Adds ongoing alerts about appliance or PV problems, unusual usage, overloaded circuits, energy bills to-date and more
  • Provides you the ability to see how your actions impact your carbon footprint – and how you compare with others.

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