About SolTerra

SolTerra Systems is a Pacific Northwest based firm specializing in innovative, sustainable products. With a core focus on solar power, green roofs, living walls, and LEED Platinum multifamily construction, SolTerra works with residential and commercial customers throughout Oregon and Washington.

SolTerra, at its core, is a way of thinking and living. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets. We are energetic, knowledgeable, and adventurous individuals who want to help create the most livable and cutting edge systems and buildings in the world.

SolTerra Systems is on a mission to demonstrate that renewable energy and sustainable construction are both feasible and beneficial to individuals and society alike. We strive to make your ecological dreams a reality by changing the world, one project at a time!


  • 11,892

    Solar Panels Installed

  • 592,000

    CO2 Emissions Offset Annually

  • 25,263

    Sq. Ft. Green Roofs Created

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