The Benefits Of Solar

Smart Investment

With federal and state incentives, several low interest loan programs and a significant increase in home value, solar is an extremely safe investment to make.   The cost per kWh of solar energy is already comparable to today’s utility rates, and electricity rates will only continue to increase in the future.

Produce Your Own Clean Energy

The sun is an unlimited resource and is a very low emission, non fossil fuel source of electricity. By adding solar panels, you gain independence from the rising cost of energy and you will never pay a rate increase on the electricity you produce yourself. Solar energy will start saving you electricity from the day it is installed, and will continue to produce electricity for 30+ years.

9.9KW Seattle WA
8.6KW Bothell WA

Do Your Part

Our cities and state are growing quickly, and we will continue to see challenges and costs associated with meeting our electricity demand. Solar energy is the cleanest energy source available and a much more sustainable form of electricity than the status quo. With solar you will reduce your home’s carbon foot print, and become a local green power source for your neighborhood anytime you are sending excess electricity back onto the grid.

Why Solar?

Protect against Rising Energy Costs

Take Advantage of Incentives and Increase Home Value

Help the Environment

Energy Independence

Smart and Safe Investment

Why SolTerra?

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