Feb 2016

Living Walls Create Backdrop for NBC Show “Grimm”

Television film crews took over Portland’s Woodlawn Triangle this month, filming scenes for an upcoming episode of the popular TV drama Grimm.Woodlawn Triangle 
SolTerra’s Woodlawn apartment building, which boasts the largest living wall display in the Pacific Northwest, was the backdrop for some of the filming. Where most urban buildings are surfaced with brick and concrete, the Woodlawn’s walls are covered with thousands of lush, living plants—a perfect setting for the fantasy-inspired show that is known for mythological creatures and not-of-this-world story plots.Details about the episode were not released, but one can imagine the vegetated walls will add a layer of mystery and imagination to the April 22nd show.NBC’s Grimm has been filming in the Portland area for five years. The show is now in it’s fifth season and it airs Friday nights at 9/8 Central Time.    


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