About SolTerra

“Harnessing the power of the sun since 2008”

Our Mission

SolTerra is an award winning and design focused solar installation company located in the Pacific Northwest.  We also design, build and lease LEED Platinum apartments in Seattle and Portland incorporating solar, living walls and green roofs. Our mission is to build beautiful structures to connect people to nature, create community in urban environments and make a positive impact on the earth.

We believe autonomy quickens the pace of innovation, tomorrow is shaped by the doers of today, and when you reconnect people with nature, you reinvigorate the human spirit.

Creating Impact

We are demonstrating renewable energy and sustainable construction are both feasible and beneficial to individuals and society alike.

Our apartments are designed to improve our residents’ everyday lives by giving them green, healthy places to call home. Through our solar, living wall and green roof designs, we’re helping to build better communities and reduce the impact humans have on the environment.

We strive to make ecological dreams a reality by changing the world, one building and one neighborhood at a time.