Nov 2016

A Day in the Life at Brooklyn Yard

A Day in the Life at Brooklyn Yard, SolTerra’s Newest LEED Platinum Designed Apartments.

When you build and live green, you’re a part of a movement that fights for the good of our environment. There are many quantifiable ways in which you save resources and lessen your carbon footprint by living in a LEED Platinum home, but how does it affect your own health and happiness?

While SolTerra cares deeply about making cities healthier for generations to come, equally important is improving the lives of our tenants. Brooklyn Yard, located in the heart of Brooklyn Neighborhood in Southeast Portland, is our latest building to take on this endeavor.

With each apartment building, SolTerra looks to reconnect residents to not only nature, but to each other. Brooklyn Yard is no different with its open, circular design focused on fostering community and improve cross-ventilation to lower your electricity bill (bonus!). There’s a shared lounge on the ground floor, with a kitchen and couches, is where tenants can gather to watch the game, pre-game their weekend party, or meet up with their neighbors for a potluck. We hope to redefine the word “neighbor” from someone you live next to, to someone you share memories with. 

The USGBC’s LEED certification is a program that guides the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings toward sustainability. However, they realize, like SolTerra, “sustainable communities look beyond a single building and holistically use smart design and construction and operation practices to enhance community connectivity and wellness”. We want to take our buildings a step further than environmental impact. We want to reinvigorate the human spirit by creating community in urban environments and making a positive impact on the earth – together.

And this apartment is one you are going to want to show off. Let’s be real, an awesome place is high up on a lot of our priority lists and living in Brooklyn Yard has got your covered. The entrance to the building immediately connects tenants and visitors to nature with the door set back into the building past a cedar-sided entry way with a large living wall covering one side. Rusting steel accents with beautiful patina, cover the exterior.  Walls of the courtyard are covered in wood and steel. Brooklyn Yard is a unique juxtaposition of industrial, yet with a warm, home-y feel.

We could go on about the solar and green roof awnings and energy efficient appliances, but why don’t you tour Brooklyn Yard today and see the incredible features for yourself? If you’re interested in learning more about any of our apartments or scheduling a tour, please reach out to us at!

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