3 Companies Doing Big Things for Our Environment
Feb 2017

3 Companies Doing Big Things for Our Environment

In the PNW, we are lucky to be home to a plethora of businesses who care about their impact on our environment. SolTerra is committed to making a positive impact on the earth, and we salute other companies doing the same. Below we highlight just a few companies who are great examples of doing their part globally. Hopefully, their creativity and innovation rubs off on the rest of us!


Known for their retro, hipster, PNW style, Patagonia is also an environmental justice warrior if we’ve ever seen one. They made big headlines when they donated all $10 million of their Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups. Now, Patagonia recently revealed their new program which they hope will dramatically cut down on waste as well as keep money in your pocket. Launching April 2017, customers can bring their used Patagonia merchandise to local stores in exchange for credits to buy new items. The company will then repair, clean and sell those items at discounted prices on their Worn Wear website. Check out their items for here.


Turns out IKEA is much more than an affordable option for the millennial generation, and their sustainable mission proves that well. 50 percent of their wood comes from sustainable foresters and 100 percent of their cotton is sourced from farms that meet the “Better Cotton” standards, i.e. mandating reduced water, chemical, and energy usage. Their stores hold an impressive 700,000 solar panels to power their facilities, but IKEA doesn’t want to settle for the status quo. While they committed in 2012 to become 100 percent powered by renewable energy, recently they upped their own game by now aiming to be a net energy exporter by that same year.

Google’s Nest

Google has promised to become completely powered by renewable energy within this year, and they want to help give you the tools to act on behalf of the environment as well. That’s where Google’s Nest comes in. If you haven’t already heard about the product, Nest is a smart thermostat system that learns your schedule and what temperature you like and adapts to it. Taking into account the weather, when you’re sleeping or awake, and when you are home in order to save energy. On average, your thermostat makes up half of your energy bill so the product could have a massive impact on energy consumption. So far, Google estimates Nest has saved over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide. With more and more ‘smart’ products hitting the market these, it will be interesting to see the effect of the smart home on environmental impact in the coming year.


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